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Demo Import

If you want your website looks like on demo page, you have to import demo content. We usually recommend to import demo on a clean WordPress installation so that the process goes smooth. This is possible if you are building your project from scratch. However, if you have an existing website, you should be very careful with importing demo – this may effect your site content. That’s why we highly recommend to backup your database and files. If you are not familiar how to do this please contact your hosting provider.

Server requirements

The import process is quite heavy and resource intensive operation. These resources are allocated based on the server configuration. Please make sure your server complies with the requirements:

memory_limit 128MB
max_execution_time 180
max_input_time 60
file_uploads On
post_max_size 32MB
upload_max_filesize 32MB

Also make sure the directory /wp-content/uploads is writable.

The core concept behind the new importer

The main idea behind the new importer is a page-based import. Which means you can import only required homes and pages without the need to import all the content.

Previous version of our import plugin consumes a lot of server resources and often interrupts with errors when importing demos of such sizes like Silicon. That’s why we decided to make a new plugin from scratch. The new version is based on a WordPress Importer Redux plugin with our modifications. It is much faster and less resource intensive.  Also new version has an improved UI. Here is a short video demonstrating the new import process:

How to import demos

To import demos you need the Importer by 8Guild plugin. This plugin comes with a theme. You can install it in Appearance > Install Plugins. If you have any issues with automatic installation you can install that plugin manually. The plugin .zip archive can be found in /plugins directory within the theme folder.

Our new importer plugin is not compatible with the previous version, so please make sure you are running the required versions:

  • Silicon theme v1.3.0 or higher
  • Silicon Core plugin v1.3.0 or higher
  • Importer by 8Guild plugin v2.0.0 or higher

Also, before running the importer we highly recommend to install / update the latest version of required and recommended plugins. Because Importer doesn’t import posts that doesn’t exists (registered) in WordPress. For example, if you don’t have the Contact Form 7 plugin the contact forms won’t be imported, etc. Better install all plugins and then remove ones that not necessary after the importing process.

After activation go to Tools > Import, find the Importer by 8Guild in a list and click on the Run Importer.

On the next page you will find all available demos. They are categorized by it’s type: Homes, Pages and Post Types.

Choose the demo from a list and click Import. We recommend to start the importing process from the Homes.

What happen after clicking the “Import” button?

In general the process will look like:

  1. Importer plugin downloads the .zip archive from our server and save it in /wp-content/uploads/demos/ folder.
  2. Unzip it and import the contents.
  3. Removes the downloaded files.

Note, downloading may take some time, because all required media files are included in .zip archives.

Difference between importing Homes and Pages

When you import the Home you will get:

  • Home page itself;
  • all required post types (posts, portfolios, products, contact forms, etc), used on the current page;
  • header / footer;
  • menus;
  • widgets;
  • options;
  • images, used on current page;
  • this page will be set as Front Page in Settings > Reading.

When you import the Page:

  • Page itself;
  • all required post types and images.

Manual import

If you have any issues with automatic demo import you can still try to upload demo manually. Just upload a .zip archive in the provided form under the “Manual” tab. You can find all demos in the main package (All files & Documentation option on the ThemeForest). We added a preview images near each archive so you can more easily find the required demo.


Demo not importing / not downloading

Please make sure your server meet the requirements listed above.

Sorry, there has been an error. Try to upload a demo manually.

The list of available demos are based on our API response. So, please make sure you are running Silicon theme version 1.3.0 and your server is able to access to our API At least you are able to upload demo manually.

If you have any issues with demo import do not hesitate to contact us