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Plugins Installation

By default theme is only a skin for a blog. But if you want even more elements, be able to customize theme and build pages with flexible page builder you have to install plugins.

After the theme’s activation you will be prompted to install plugins. All these plugins are bundled with the theme or optionally can be installed from the repository. The theme can function without any of these plugins. But if you want to get most of our theme you should install the required plugins.

Our theme requires plugins:

  • Silicon Core: extends theme with additional elements and post types.
  • Visual Composer: provided an interface for visual page building. In theory should facilitate the process.
  • Equip: our brand tool for building settings. Without this plugin you won’t be able to customize theme.

To install plugins just click the “Begin installing plugins” link. Then check all plugins or just required, select Install in the dropdown menu and press “Apply” button.

Read more in codex about managing plugins. If you have problems with installing plugins please see our Troubleshooting section.