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Theme Options

With this theme we did our best to provide a lot of customization options. Our theme has several variants of headers, footers and menus. You can experiment with the options to find your own unique style. The whole theme customization process comprise of 2 main parts:

  1. Theme Options
  2. Page Settings

Note, all options, meta boxes and other settings in our theme built with Equip (our brand options framework). So, make sure you have Equip plugin installed and activated.

Theme Options

After installing and activating Equip plugin you may notice a new item in Silicon menu > Theme Options.

Access Theme Options via the Silicon menu

Here is a short list of available sections:

  • Colors: withing this section you can globally change theme colors including Grayscale, Brand Colors, Type Colors, Navigation and Forms.
  • Typography: global typography settings including: Google Fonts, Body / Headings / Navigation / Buttons font families, sizes, font weight, text transform, font style and line height.
  • Header: our theme supports 16 header types which you can choose within this section. Other header options include – logo / mobile logo, off-canvas sidebar, Topbar options, Navbar / Menu settings, etc.
  • Footer: here you can opt for footer layout, background, skin and copyright content.
  • Blog: blog, single post and pagination settings.
  • Shop: extra shop settings. Appears when WooCommerce installed and activated.
  • 404: nothing found page settings.
  • General: includes general options like scroll to top, page preloader and others.
  • Advanced: for advanced users. Here you can customize the number of widgetised sidebars to generate, add you custom font icon libraries, etc. Have fun!

Page Settings

Part of Theme Options we duplicated inside Page Settings meta box, which you can find at the most bottom of your page, post or portfolio. These settings have a priority over the Theme Options meaning you can add unique customization to every single page.

Page Settings